25year-badgeRMA began providing engineering services to local governmental clients in 1980. Over the years, we have expanded our client base to include industrial, commercial and land development clients. Our firm's growth has been fueled by our single-minded focus on the interests of our clients. Many of our original clients are still with us, due to the responsive, honest and personalized way that we conduct our business. The firm continues to grow, based on our four corporate priorities, listed in order below.

RMA's focus on client service and the provision of measurable benefits has clearly proven itself to be a successful model, and continues to fuel the expansion of our satisfied client base. This is achieved through our offices located in central and north Georgia. Our firm has always completed work awarded to us. We have the ability to safely perform services and are proud to say we have had no safety related conflicts on any RMA projects.

about4 rev2017Our service represents more than typical technical consulting. We are technical advocates, approaching projects from our clients' points of view, representing our clients' interests, and watching out for our clients' bottom lines. RMA's team of planners, engineers, designers, geologists, scientists, surveyors and support staff possess the experience and expertise normally found in much larger companies. However, we lack a multi-layered bureaucracy, allowing us to be responsive to our clients' needs, creative in our solutions, and cost effective in our execution.

RMA sets high standards in providing client advocate services. Our goal is always to work together for the best solution to meet your needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We have worked in the public sector for over thirty years and understand the competing factors of public perception, budgets, schedules, alternative uses of local and grant funding and political realities.




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RMA's staff has many years of experience working with a wide variety of large and small clients. These clients include government, industrial, commercial and land development. Our experience also includes working closing with state and federal agencies. Our many areas of expertise promote the production of high quality and beneficial services that we have provided to these types of clients for many years.

We are skilled at providing services and managing projects for private and public sector clients. RMA has a wide diversity of services to guarantee our clients having all the services available to make well informed and relevant decisions based on the best information possible. RMA's experience and services that we can provide include Wastewater, Water Resources, Civil Site and Land Planning, Environmental and Safety, Program Management, Construction Management and Grant and Funding. RMA has provided experience and services to many Municipal, Private Development and Industrial clients over the years.

Our capable and qualified team of engineers help define the clients specific needs and the most cost effective way to accomplish the project. We take pride in offering our clients start to finish consulting on every project. Careful identifying the clients needs that address current and future conditions, evaluating alternatives that address the need and implementing the recommended solution to meet the client's need in an effective and cost controlled manner.



Rindt-McDuff is dedicated to the following business principles:

  • Identifying our clients' needs in a forthright, objective manner.
  • Providing high quality professional services to our clients at competitive prices.
  • Exceeding our clients' expectations.
  • Encouraging the use of state-of-the-art, innovative engineering solutions where such solutions are in our clients' best interests.
  • Fostering a work environment for our employees which engenders professional growth, promotes job satisfaction and provides quality employee benefits.



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To realize this Vision, RMA has organized our Corporate Priorities as follows.

  • Clients — Decisions at all levels within RMA are made with full consideration of advocating our clients' interests and advancing their priorities.
  • Employees — We serve clients best by hiring the most talented people available, and we work hard to retain them through fair and honest policies, excellent support, and opportunities for advancement and continual self-improvement.
  • Profit — No company can continue to grow and serve clients without turning a profit. RMA approaches this through efficient operations, cost management, and fair pricing.
  • Community — RMA recognizes that corporations have responsibilities as citizens, and we actively promote activities which positively affect our shared community. This is accomplished both at the corporate level and through RMA's proactive support of the individual efforts of our employees.



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Given todays economic conditions it is more important than ever to utilize creative funding solutions. Government grants are a must to finance maintenance projects as well as fund new projects. Over the years, RMA has been able to find funding solutions for counties and municipalities of all sizes. This creativity coupled with quality engineering services has enabled RMA to thrive and grow. Our many areas of expertise promote the production of high quality and beneficial design and construction documents will prove relevant for any and all future needs.

RMA takes a special interest in our client's specific needs. We have the capability to seek available funds through grant opportunities and other avenues of funding for infrastructure improvements. Many local municipalities have benefited from our in house expertise. Our approach has brought over $28 million to local communities.